Thursday, August 27, 2015


The kids and I left for AZ 9 days before my sister's wedding. 

This is the first time in a few years I have been home when the corn is ready. Super excited about that! I've said it before and I'll say it again, my dad grows the best sweet corn! 

 Dad teaching my city kids how to pick corn. 
Karrah and baby James were there and my kids ADORED him. Especially Devin. 

This is my dad's 56 Ford that he restored. Such a cool car! I wanted picture of the kids by it and Steph wanted to use if for her reception so the kids and I washed it. 
 Lyla found my mom's wig stash. 
The tree house got a fresh coat of paint before we came and we decorated it with wall stickers. 
A few pictures of the kids with the truck. 

 Devin and I went on a hike in the creek. 
Visiting Great Grandpa
Devin loved walking up the hill to visit him (he did it about 5 times a day). I love that he loves him. 
Speaking of walking up the hill to visit grandpa! Karrah and I were hanging out on the lawn and Devin runs up and tells me us they saw a snake on the hill. I went up there and sure enough there was a rattle snake under a tree right off the driveway. The girls were crying and afraid. My grandpa gave me his gun and I shot it. I actually felt kinda bad shooting it since it was just minding his own business but I was also worried it would get one of the kids or the dog. Anyways, about an hour after the first one, Devin comes running up and tells me there is another snake! I thought he was lying, but there was another one under the same tree. I shot that one too. 

Completely worn out. 

Friday my mom and I took the kids to Sun Splash where we met Johnny, Josy and Tyler. It was a FUN day. My mom is such a fun, energetic grandma....she was going down all the rides with the kids and was up for anything. 
After sun splash, we went to Johnny and Josy's house and stayed a few days. It was great just hanging out, swimming and getting our nails done by Josy. Saturday we met Jen and Bruce at a splash pad. 

I had to drive by the Gilbert Temple. I was disappointed it was locked up so we weren't there long. (plus is was crazy hot). It sure is pretty! 

Monday we went to the Lake.

James is one cute kid! 
Making Jam
My dad and I took the kids to Tonto Natural Bridge. I think I read that it is believed to be the largest natural travertine bridge in the world. The last time I went was when Jared and I were dating. It was a beautiful hike and the kids enjoyed it. There is a bunch of water at the bottom of he bridge and the kids went swimming (but man! It was cold). 

Back at home, hanging out. 

Karrah is so mean (but not really!)...she put James right in front of the sprinkler and got him wet. His face just cracks me up. 
Steph and Emery had their rehearsal dinner at Chapparel Pines. Pretty fancy! Both the girls felt sick right as we were leaving so we left them home with Karrah and my cousins.

I obviously did not get the memo about wearing blue! 
Cute Devin! He was so mad I made him get dressed up (I don't consider this getting dressed up but if it isn't basketball shorts and a t-shirt, be thinks it is getting dressed up). 
I had so much fun being with my siblings. It is a lot of fun now that most of us have kids. We had a few late nights where we just talked and laughed and had such a good time. I haven't laughed so hard (like crying, peeing my pants kind of laughing) in a really long time. 
Up next, my sister's wedding! 

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Josy said...

I loved this post!!!
We had such a great time with you guys.
Btw Lyla is such a dare devil omg!!!!
I love all the pictures... Fun times

love you guys