Sunday, August 2, 2015

Adalynn's Birthday

Adalynn turned 7 on the 21st of July! I surprised her with a trip to Gravidy in the morning and we invited Courtney. All three kids LOVED it. They cannot wait to go back. 

 Devin loved all the obstacles. He told me he felt like he was on American Ninja Warrior. 
Lyla is my little daredevil. A lot of the big kids were scared to jump off this but Lyla did it over and over with no hesitation. 
After Gravidy, we met Jared for lunch at Red Robin (he had softball at night so we did lunch instead of dinner). 
Opening presents. 
She really wanted a gumball machine. And I got her a loom. Devin actually has been loving the loom. He has made quite a few potholders.  
Right after dinner Tashina called to see if the kids wanted to come over and play. I decided to take the kids and her cake over there to celebrate. I bought her this crazy flower candle which was fun! 
(Just ignore my singing! My normal voice on camera bugs me so my singing voice really, really bugs me). 

After cake, Brennon came over to try her new pedicure bath from Courtney. 

Yes! My goal was to get caught up on blogging before leaving for AZ for my sister's wedding and I did it! 

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Josy said...

it looked like so much fun!! wish we lived closer to be part of all the birthday parties..
Miss you guys!!