Sunday, July 19, 2015

Seattle Part 1

In June, we went on vacation to Washington. It has been years since we have been (Andrea's wedding was the last time we were there. Lyla had never been). We had been looking forward to our visit for months and months. Washington is gorgeous and we had a perfect week. 
We loved the hammock!
 I'm always amazed how much moss you see growing everywhere! 

Lyla found a few slugs and made them her "pets." 
Saturday, Garth and Kristi drove with us to Larrabee State Park. The drive was gorgeous! We had lunch then walked down to the beach. 

 Hanging out in Grandpa and Grandma's yard. 

 The kids enjoyed picking cherries from their cherry tree. 
A few pictures before church on Sunday. 

This was at the Pilchuck river. It was so cold, but kids never seem to mind. 

Monday we went to the zoo. Since we don't have a zoo, they were all very excited and had a great time. 

A few of the animals we saw. We must have come on a good day because there were only a few animals we didn't see. And they all seemed to be awake. 

 One of the highlights was feeding the giraffes. Such beautiful creatures! 
The kids LOVED feeding the birds. You could buy these little feed sticks for $1. They did not want to leave. 

The next day we drove to Snoqualmie Falls. One of my best friends, Calley, lives in Carnation (which is quite close) and met us there.  I loved catching up with her! Our kids enjoyed getting wet in the river! 

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Josy said...

Tyler would've loved feeding the birds too.. How adorable and such a great idea.
If I ever have a kid I will want your advice on clothes the girls always look so cute!!! Cant wait to see you guys