Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The latest Shenanigans

I celebrated a birthday! Jared knows me so well--He found a babysitter and took me out to dinner.  He also bought me my favorite cake which we ate with friends. And he bought me a new lens! It was a great birthday! 

We also celebrated our 14th anniversary (the day after mothers day)!

I got pretty sick this month. Normally when I get sick I am better in a day. I actually haven't been to the doctor in about 4 years. I had to go to the urgent care and I had strep throat...it really kicked my butt. I'm glad no one else got it.

Teacher Appreciation Week. I didn't get pictures of everything we did because I was sick. But I tried to do something every day. 
Day 1--I got them their favorite drink and treat.
Day 2--Hand Soap 
Day 3

The last day I sent them a little thank you with a gift card to their favorite store. Even though these teachers weren't really my favorites I appreciate all they have done. Teaching is hard work--it is nice to feel appreciated.
A little gift for my visiting teaching companion 
Taking pictures on the lawn one evening 

Some of Lyla in the studio

Went to a new restaurant on the strip and found this on our way back to the car. 

This was at out community summer party. All three kids were most excited about the mechanical bull.

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April said...

Happy birthday Valerie!