Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cub Scout Day Camp

Day camp this year was amazing. I was our ward's liaison (liaisons help get all the boys applications turned in and find volunteers to help). Last year I thought they did such a good job and would not be able to top it. Boy was I wrong. The theme was Knights in Shining Armor. The stake did such a great job--there were so many fun classes and such attention to detail. I was impressed.
(Most of these pictures were taken by ladies from camp and e-mailed out to everyone. Just another detail I appreciate).

So, every night they had a dinner show. Thursday night they were looking for a juggler and found this guy from the phone book. He agreed to come and asked if he could bring his magician friend. They said sure! So they were pretty surprised when Lance Burton showed up.
I can't remember this guys name but he was SO amazing and SO funny.

Some thing Devin really enjoyed this year:
Making catapults
Learning magic
Shooting arrows and bb guns
Making a sword and shield
The Medieval Feast
The trading Post
Cooking outdoors
I was talking to a friend and we were saying how cool it would be if you could add up all the hours it takes to put on something like this. It would have to be thousands. And no one is is all volunteers. They had probably 30 teachers who were there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Our ward alone had 5 adults each day to walk with their den. The stake has been planning and preparing for camp for probably a year. One family in our stake cut out all the pieces of wood the boys needed to make catapults. Just a few examples of the service that was given so my son and other boys could have a really great time and have an experience they will never forget. 

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Josy said...

WOW that's amazing and it does look like the boys really enjoy it! Cant wait for Tyler to be involved in things like this!! What an amazing team of people you guys have putting in all together!