Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monkey Kingdom

Tonight I have been scanning and organizing a bunch of pictures, notes and school photos. I found this note Adalynn wrote me this weekend.

We did go to Monkey Kingdom. And she did have to clean her room first.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

First Bike and Tinkerbelle

Lyla's First Bike
She loves it and wants to be on it all the time!

Caroline turned three and invited us to her Tinkerbelle party. The girls thought it was the best party ever.

 Free Cones at Dairy Queen

Poor girl was not feeling well
This is her new cheesy pose
She did NOT like this. 

Friday, April 10, 2015


First a few pre Easter treats...
Made these again for the teachers but I forgot to send them on Friday. Gave them to the primary teachers instead.
Spring Rice Crispy treats
 I found the cutest little bird cages at Michaels! I bought a few not even knowing what I wanted to do with them. I printed some tags and filled them with candy and gave them to the girls I visit teach.
Easter Morning

 The Kendalls invited us over for an egg hunt and brunch. Brian and Tashina make some dang good crepes and I don't think I've ever had such good eggs. Those Kendalls are the best!

After we got home watched the next session of conference and we did our own little egg hunt.

Spring Break

The first three days we didn't do much. The kids had friends over and we went to the park a few times.
My parents came into town on Wednesday.
Thursday morning we went to Kiss Mini Golf. It was okay. The girls weren't into it and I think they were all bored by about the 9th hole. 

We played lots of games! And ate lots of blizzards.

 My dad and I bought and planted two trees. The one on the left is a peach tree (so excited about that) and on the right is a tree we have in the opposite corner of our backyard (I think it is an Arizona Ash?) 

We went out to dinner to The Geisha House. Jared took me here a few years ago on my birthday and I thought the kids would really like it. It was fun...I think they liked the fire more than they liked the food, but I figured that is what would happen.  

Saturday morning made resurrection rolls and then we dyed Easter Eggs.

 We went out to lunch and then they had to leave. It is always sad when they leave and makes me wish we all lived closer but it makes the time we spend together that much better!