Friday, March 6, 2015


Last weekend we were in Utah for Jared's grandma's funeral.  Grammy was such a sweet, fun woman. I have many memories of her from when we were first married and living in Provo. We really loved playing games at her house on Sunday and hanging out in her backyard.

After the funeral I started looking through pictures I had from when I made a book about Pam's (Jared's mom) life. Here are a few I wanted to share. 

Grammy, Gramps and all the siblings and their spouses (and kids on the bottom picture)

Grammy lived to 93. I know she must be so very happy to be reunited with Gramps.

This was taken while Grammy and Gramps were in New York serving as Mission President. Grammy served a total of 3 missions.
Fast forward a bit...This was at our wedding in 2001
One of my favorite pictures!
Sending Aaron off to the MTC

I know I have more pictures...I know Lyla met Grammy and we took pictures of all three kids with her but I can't find it!

Back to the weekend...
We arrived in Provo Friday afternoon. We met Sean and Sam and visited both Provo temples. I'm going to do a separate post of those pictures.

Friday night was a dinner and played games. It was so fun seeing some of the cousins. Some people we haven't seen for years. We were also able to meet a few new members of the family.

This was everyone that was able to make it.  Pretty awesome posterity. 27 grandchildren. 52 great grandchildren.
Jared and I have been married almost 14 years and one thing I have always been so grateful for is his family. He has the most amazing family...I know Grammy has a lot to do with all these wonderful people.

All the cousins missing represented with a balloon.

Grammy loved ice cream. Hence, Chad posing by the ice cream machine. (I'm pretty sure my kids did not eat any real food for two days straight).
The next morning was the funeral. It was a beautiful "fun"eral....a celebration of her life. The life story and talks given by each of her children were perfect. Dave read a letter Pam had written to Grammy while on her mission, so in a way, even Pam spoke (her letter was so beautifully written, I'm so glad Dave read it) . The grandchildren sang as well as the great-grandchildren. The spirit was strong.

Even though it was cold at the cemetery I absolutely loved it. It was snowing just a little (which made it reverent and special in a way). Members of the American Legion were there to honor her military service. They folded and presented the family with an American flag, performed a 21 gun salute and played Taps on the bugle. That was something I had not experienced before. It was quite touching and one of my favorite parts of the day. After pictures, we headed back to the church for lunch.

I had to snap a picture of Grammy's marine outfit. This has a special meaning for me. Every year I taught Grammy would come into my class and share her experiences during WWII (that was part of our curriculum). She was always so funny and my students adored her. It's one of my fondest memories of her.
Also...a very cool side note...Grammy was the first woman marine in Utah, Colorado and Nevada.
Isn't it wonderful that families are forever and we will all get to see this amazing woman again!?


Michelle said...

I love this post Val. I forgot the Grammy visited your class. Such great memories.

Samantha Christensen said...

What a great post. And such a memorable weekend.