Tuesday, February 3, 2015


This weekend was rough. (And not just because of the superbowl)!
About a month ago, Lyla started having multiple accidents a day. Which was weird...I potty trained her in June and she was doing great (no accidents at all). I thought maybe it was because it was Christmas and there was  a lot going on and maybe she was distracted.
After Christmas, things settled down, but she was still having about 10 accidents a day. I made an appointment, then cancelled it (because other than her peeing her pants, nothing else seemed off), then I made it again. I thought maybe she had a bladder infection.

At the doctors, they had her give a urine sample and they tested a drop of her blood. She had high amounts of sugar in her blood and ketones in her urine (not a good sign) and they told me I had to take her to the lab immediately so they could get a full blood workup. The doctor was very concerned that is was diabetes, which really scared me. They told me if anything else comes up (fever, change in personality, anything) to get her to the ER immediately. 

We did the blood work, and then told me we would know the results by the end of the day. I went home and called my dad and he told me they were probably being cautious, but I just could not stop crying. I don't know very much about diabetes. It scares me though. And the thought of my child having an illness that she would have for the rest of her life was scary.
Of course only half of her lab work came back Friday night, so I had to wait until Monday for the results.

Waiting was agonizing (and maddening since my dad says he does the same test in his office and it takes only 5 minutes to get the results). We painted the garage (which was good having something to do instead of sitting and  worrying all weekend). Jared and Brian gave her a blessing and we fasted for her on Sunday.

The doctor called today to let us know that everything looked normal. No diabetes! What a relief. We are still not sure what is going on with her accidents and they want us to go to a urologist, but I am just so relieved.

You know, this is just one thing I love about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was a freaking out...until Jared and Brian gave her a blessing. I felt at peace after that blessing. I just knew deep down that everything was going to be okay. I went to a stake baptism that night and the opening song was "I Feel My Savior's Love." I really did feel his love for me. And for Lyla. That was a huge comfort. I'm grateful for a gospel that helps me through hard times and gives me peace when the future is unknown. I'm grateful for the power of the priesthood. And I am grateful for fasting and prayer. What in the world would I do without it??


Michelle said...

I'm so glad the tests came back negative. What a blessing. We love our Lyla bug.

Sam said...

Val that's so scary! We will keep Lyla and your family in our prayers. Next time you are fasting for someone in the family, especially your children, let us know so we can join you. And keep us updated.

Sam said...
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April said...

Oh wow, that's really scary! I'm it's not diabetes. I hope that the doctors can figure it out soon. We went through something similar with Eva around the same age. Call me sometime and I can tell you about it, maybe it will help.