Saturday, January 17, 2015


We got home from AZ Saturday, unloaded the car, played with the toys a bit...

...and the next day Jared's dad and Kristi was here for a few days to visit.
Kristi and I (and the kids) went couch shopping. We went to so many stores, and I only found one I really liked. But then I talked myself out of it.

The kids were such troopers going to all those stores. Every place we went to they tried to find the massage chairs.  

 While Garth and Kristi were here, we went to a buffet for dinner, we played many games of Uno at night, and hung out.  
It was a nice visit (just too quick).  
Then a few days later, my brother Johnny and his family surprised us with a visit.
We went to the park.

We tried to take pictures of Tyler, but he was not on the mood. Oh well...maybe next time.

Jared, Josy and Johnny hung out on the strip one night and the next night we wathed Tyler so Johnny and Josy could see Blue Man. They left on Monday after playing at the park and getting lunch at In-n-Out. We had a great time--

The rest are pictures from my phone...
Before Christmas we took the kids to a movie at the "fancy theater".  We saw Night at the Museum 3. I thought it was so funny and was laughing the whole time.

 Sleepy little lady
Eating at Jack in the Box while waiting for an oil change.

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Josy said...

Cough shopping can be stressful, there's way too many to pick from. We had so much fun with you guys!! Looks like you got a good picture of Tyler, you tried. Tyler was being a 2yr old =/ I hope the kids got the little envelope I mailed them =)