Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas 2014

Taking me a while to get this post done. We were in AZ for a week and as soon as we got home, Jared's dad and Kristi were here for a few days. Then my brother came. Today, I finally feel like I'm caught up (but not really).

Everyone was home this year. I thought for sure James and Karrah would not be coming, but they surprised us all and made their way from PA. We were all so excited to meet baby James! Isn't he adorable!?
The kids all loved holding him. Devin loves babies and asked to hold him any chance he got.
 Sunday morning.

James blessed his baby while in town. Another nice surprise.  

I took some pictures of him before church in his blessing outfit.
After church

After church, Jared, Devin, my dad, and Jake all left for the Seahawks Cardinals game (Jared and Devin had been looking forward to this for probably a whole year). They met my brother Johnny and Josy at the game. I guess the traffic and parking was a nightmare (and poor Devin was sick during the game)...but I think they all had a great time. The Seahawks won.

 He has really become quite the sports fan this year.
Addie loves Bruce. She really enjoyed helping feed him.
Hanging outside with Emily. The girls love her so much. They will disappear for hours in her room, where she lets them play with her makeup and does their hair.

 Christmas Eve

Decorating gingerbread houses. Devin had a good idea of replicating my mom and dad's property.  I thought the garden and greenhouse turned out cute.

Making cookies for Santa.

 Christmas Morning

The 2014 Babies!
Our attempt at getting a picture of all the grandkids.
 My mom is so beautiful...inside and out.
And Bruce has the prettiest eyes!
We left Saturday and somehow got everything in the van! It was a really nice week.


Sam said...

Oh my gosh, I have the cutest nieces and nephew! We miss you guys!

Sam said...

Next time you guys come to Utah, the boys should bring their jerseys. Then they can be triplets with Sean!

Josy said...

I love how your kids are so great with the baby cousins!! I love how on the "attempt" to get all the cousins Lyla's face is priceless. Shes like "yea right this is not happening. Bruce all happy and baby James all chilling I love that one too.