Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby James

We took some pictures of Baby James while I was in AZ. Older babies are always a bit tricky and I didn't have the luxury of my studio, but Emily's bed worked just fine. He didn't sleep long (and he did NOT want to be on his tummy) but we still got a few really cute ones. 
And man, oh man, my computer has a virus! It is the worst as it freezes multiple times a day. I opened Photoshop last night and everything was gone (my actions, workspace, etc). I'm trying to get everything backed up so we can wipe the hard drive. It is a pain!


Josy said...

AWE... I think the fifth one down is my favorite, the little hands, his cheeks and his lips.. adorable
I love the newborn pictures you take.

Karrah Vandruff said...

Valerie you are so amazing! They are all great even though he gave you a short window to take them. You are the best!

Donald Steadman said...

Oh no! What can be worse than having a virus on your computer? It must’ve been frustrating that most, if not all of your files are gone. That's why it's advisable to have them backed up, or maybe saved in an online drive if ever an instance like this will happen again. Well, I hope your computer is now fixed and back to normal. By the way, baby James is such a cutie! Take care!

Donald Steadman @ Office PCS