Monday, January 26, 2015

New Books

Just finished....
Orphan train
I always love reading books where I learn something I knew nothing about before. This book was about many orphans in the early 1900's (from East coast cities). They would round them up, put them on trains, and take them to the Midwest to be adopted by families.

I've been hearing about how good this book was for a while. I LOVED it. Everyone should read this book! And then read it to your kids. And then pass it on for someone else to read.
It was a beautiful book. I cried (many times). My favorite line of the whole book was, "Shall we make a new rule of life...always try to be a little kinder than necessary?"
Just read it!

If I stay
Did not like it--sorry if you did.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I sometimes really, really miss the snow.
(And, therefore, I add it in photoshop).  

Saturday, January 17, 2015


We got home from AZ Saturday, unloaded the car, played with the toys a bit...

...and the next day Jared's dad and Kristi was here for a few days to visit.
Kristi and I (and the kids) went couch shopping. We went to so many stores, and I only found one I really liked. But then I talked myself out of it.

The kids were such troopers going to all those stores. Every place we went to they tried to find the massage chairs.  

 While Garth and Kristi were here, we went to a buffet for dinner, we played many games of Uno at night, and hung out.  
It was a nice visit (just too quick).  
Then a few days later, my brother Johnny and his family surprised us with a visit.
We went to the park.

We tried to take pictures of Tyler, but he was not on the mood. Oh well...maybe next time.

Jared, Josy and Johnny hung out on the strip one night and the next night we wathed Tyler so Johnny and Josy could see Blue Man. They left on Monday after playing at the park and getting lunch at In-n-Out. We had a great time--

The rest are pictures from my phone...
Before Christmas we took the kids to a movie at the "fancy theater".  We saw Night at the Museum 3. I thought it was so funny and was laughing the whole time.

 Sleepy little lady
Eating at Jack in the Box while waiting for an oil change.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


For Christmas, Jared bought me a kindle. I have been going a little crazy reading...I have read 6 books since we left for AZ for Christmas. It has been awesome! These are the 6 books I have read (with my thoughts). If you have any recommendations, let me know!  

#1 Unbroken
One of the best books I have ever read. I love WWII books and have read probably a hundred of them. I felt like this book showed me a different side of the war that I knew very little about. And holy cow! The story of this man is pretty incredible...some of the things he (and other POW's) went through is awful, (and his story is so inspiring)! It was one of those books that was hard to read at times, and I could not stop thinking about it once I was done. 

All the Light We Cannot See
A WWII book about a blind French girl and a Nazi soldier. Couldn't put it down. Again, it showed me a different view of the war--specifically the Hitler Youth. 

The Kitchen House
Loved this book. Sad, but good!

Eleanor & Park
Oh, I really liked this one. There is some language, so I cautiously recommend this one.
Ethan Frome
I think I read this is high school. It was .99 and I figured, meh, why not? Not a huge fan.

#6 Little Bee

I think Kristi recommended this one. Like every other book on this list, it was very sad. But I couldn't put it down so I would recommend it as well.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby James

We took some pictures of Baby James while I was in AZ. Older babies are always a bit tricky and I didn't have the luxury of my studio, but Emily's bed worked just fine. He didn't sleep long (and he did NOT want to be on his tummy) but we still got a few really cute ones. 
And man, oh man, my computer has a virus! It is the worst as it freezes multiple times a day. I opened Photoshop last night and everything was gone (my actions, workspace, etc). I'm trying to get everything backed up so we can wipe the hard drive. It is a pain!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas 2014

Taking me a while to get this post done. We were in AZ for a week and as soon as we got home, Jared's dad and Kristi were here for a few days. Then my brother came. Today, I finally feel like I'm caught up (but not really).

Everyone was home this year. I thought for sure James and Karrah would not be coming, but they surprised us all and made their way from PA. We were all so excited to meet baby James! Isn't he adorable!?
The kids all loved holding him. Devin loves babies and asked to hold him any chance he got.
 Sunday morning.

James blessed his baby while in town. Another nice surprise.  

I took some pictures of him before church in his blessing outfit.
After church

After church, Jared, Devin, my dad, and Jake all left for the Seahawks Cardinals game (Jared and Devin had been looking forward to this for probably a whole year). They met my brother Johnny and Josy at the game. I guess the traffic and parking was a nightmare (and poor Devin was sick during the game)...but I think they all had a great time. The Seahawks won.

 He has really become quite the sports fan this year.
Addie loves Bruce. She really enjoyed helping feed him.
Hanging outside with Emily. The girls love her so much. They will disappear for hours in her room, where she lets them play with her makeup and does their hair.

 Christmas Eve

Decorating gingerbread houses. Devin had a good idea of replicating my mom and dad's property.  I thought the garden and greenhouse turned out cute.

Making cookies for Santa.

 Christmas Morning

The 2014 Babies!
Our attempt at getting a picture of all the grandkids.
 My mom is so beautiful...inside and out.
And Bruce has the prettiest eyes!
We left Saturday and somehow got everything in the van! It was a really nice week.