Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 Days until Christmas! 9!
I've been busy making treats for friends, neighbors, and teachers.

Lyla loves helping me in the kitchen


Another newborn session. This is our friend Karen's little guy.
I'm pretty excited because I made a newborn posing bean bag (you can buy them but they are so expensive!) and a backdrop stand. I've already used them in two sessions and I love the setup. It makes it so much easier to get certain shots.
You can see the beanbag in the top picture. and what it looks like with a blanket in the second.


Sam said...

How did you make the bean bag?

Josy said...

I cant believe how big Lyla is already!! the treats look so good.

Valerie Christensen said...

I bought vinyl from Joannes and cut out two large circles and one really long rectangular piece. I sewed it all together and filled it with beanbag filler (I had to buy that from Walmart.com). I just glued a long piece of Velcro at the opening to close it up. There are a ton of tutorials on pinterest. I read a few and made some changes. It was really easy (especially since I didn't care if it was perfect--you aren't going to see the beanbag afterall).