Thursday, November 6, 2014


I already posted about Halloween so here is the rest of our visit. Oh man, I love Utah in the fall! Like I almost want to pack up all our stuff and move there now! I mean, come on.....

Anyways, Day #1 we went to Gardner Village (a cute little shopping center). They decorate it for Halloween with lots and lots of witches.

After that we went to Scheels. Devin wanted to find some Seahawks stuff and we rode the carousel.

Saturday we went to Silver Lake. I was really hoping there would be a little color left up the canyon, but it was all gone. Oh well. Even though it was cold, I enjoyed the walk.

My kids just love the little ones 

To get the kids out of the house we went on a nature walk. It was really fun for the girls and I (because in Nevada we don't have quite the variety!)

Our last day!
Devin and Parker bonding over Minecraft.

Poor Adalynn feel when she was trick or treating (in case you were wondering about her eye).
On our way home, we stopped in Provo to get a few things at the Creamery and drive around campus. I feel pretty darn lucky we lived here for 5 years.  It is just gorgeous!


Josy said...

Wow !! It looks so pretty, it really looks like fall unlike here in mesa doesn't really look or feel like fall...
I've been to Provo once during the wintertime it was super cold but it was just gorgeous!!

Sam said...

It was so fun having you guys here. We miss you already!