Thursday, November 13, 2014


And just like that it is half ways through November. A pretty exciting month! Two new cousins (one of them arrived yesterday!), a birthday, Thanksgiving in Arizona, the end of football and soccer, nice weather plus many other activities.
Here is a bit of our November so far...
This is up in our living room. Every day I try to have the kids jot down something they are thankful for.
A little treat we made before church.
We did our annual "what are we thankful for" Family Home Evening. I wasn't in the mood to cut out hundreds of leaves, so we made a paper chain. We really have a lot to be thankful for!

We made Reeces turkeys

The girls and I played with watercolors and made this...

The kids have had so many days off school. One of those days we went to Tulle Springs for a picnic. They had fun exploring.


Josy said...

What a great idea to have them write something that they are thankful and the list gets longer and longer =) Cant wait to start little traditions with Tyler..
Cant wait to see you guys for thanksgiving.

Sam said...

I love your chalk board. What a great idea. I'm gonna have to copy that next year. And I just might copy your paper chain idea, if I can get my act together, because I know I'm never gonna cut out leaves and a tree this year. And I love all your fun treats. I want to move in and be one of your kids!