Monday, August 4, 2014

Adalynn's Birthday Party

Adalynn asked me for a birthday party a month before her birthday. I had no idea what to do. It is so hot in July and I didn't really want to do a swim party (or spend a lot of money). We decided on a date, and a week before her party I started planning. It was dinner and a movie which was prefect because it was so easy!

We decorated a little. I've been seeing people use tablecloths instead of streamers to decorate the ceiling. It was really easy and looked pretty cool.

Addie really wanted a concession stand for the movie.

I have each kid 8 tickets and they could buy whatever they wanted. The kids seemed to love it and I liked that it put a limit to how much junk they ate.
 This is the movie she chose.
Tashina picked these up for me at the movie theater. It was nice because it held all the kids snacks, popcorn and drinks without too many spills.

Amy came over earlier and helped me make the cupcakes (thank goodness--it took a lot longer to make these than I would have thought). 

Most of the kids. We moved our TV into the front room because there is more room in there. We brought down the lovesac and added an extra couch. 
Group shot.
Right before the party I took some pics of Addie in the studio.

It was a fun little party, and like I said, it was so easy. I'm sure grateful she has so many nice, good friends. It really is a blessing that my children are surrounded by these kids!   


April said...

I loved the theme/decorations. Super cute! Amelia had the best time. Thanks for inviting her. :)

Samantha Christensen said...

Such a cute party idea and I love all the decorations! Alright, master party planner, time to start thinking of ideas for Sean's 30th birthday party!

Josy said...

That's so cute I love the idea. It turned out super cute with all of the decorations. Happy birthday

Brittany H. said...

Super fun idea--that's a ton of kids!