Saturday, June 28, 2014


Lyla bug is three years old today! I feel like she went from this....

to this....
to this in the blink of an eye!
And now a few things about our little lady..

She is super sassy, but also has a sweet side. She is independent. I still refer to her as my baby even though she is now potty trained, sleeps in a real bed, and is going to preschool in a few months. She loves dogs (her favorite place to go to is Petco to see all the dogs), candy, Dora, Peter Rabbit (the show), otter pops, and swimming outside. She likes going to nursery. When she gets really mad at me she calls me weird, which makes me laugh. She loves playing with Adalynn. She has started playing with barbies and playing dress up. She loves putting on my red lipstick and nail polish (all by herself, I might add).

We all think she is the cutest thing ever and she has made our home a better place by being a part of it.  

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Josy said...

Looking at your blog as Johnny is mentioning that Tyler is growing up so fast and you said it feels like it was in a blink of an eye that Lyla got so big it makes me sad that our babies are growing up so so fast!! But very happy to have them in our lives! Happy 3rd bday Lyla