Wednesday, June 4, 2014


My sister Jen had her baby May 4. I wanted more than anything to meet him while he was still a tiny newborn, so Jared bought me a ticket to fly down for Memorial Day weekend. 

Saturday we saw Josy, Tyler, Karrah, and my mom. We went out to eat at Jason's Deli for lunch. 

Karrah and Bruce
Holding a sleeping baby. Best thing in the whole world!

Get ready for some serious cuteness. I wish I could have taken pictures of Bruce in my studio...but since I flew I could only take a few things. I wasn't sure how well he would do since he was 3 weeks. We made it work and had a little newborn session in his nursery...he did great! Is he not the sweetest thing you've ever seen!?!

On my way home. I'm so glad I was able to meet this little cutie! I love my nieces and nephews and I cant wait to see him again this summer.

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Chris & Christine said...

Your pictures are great! <3 you!