Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Bucket List

The kids and I have been talking about all the things we want to do this summer and our list is already quite long! Honestly, I have been looking forward to summer for a while...I'm excited to spend more time with the kids and just chill. Here is what we have planned so far.
1. Go to Arizona
2. Meet Bruce (my new nephew)
5. Naked Egg--Did this last year. The kids loved it and want to do it again.
6. Go to Utah
9. Addie's Birthday
10. Lyla's Birthday
12. Go to the Lake
13. Rio Pool
16. Spring Mountain Ranch to see Shrek
18. Doughnuts for breakfast
19. Snow Cones
20. Jamba Juice last day of school
22. Get Slurpees
23. St George
28. Children's Museum
30. Smores
32. Ninja turtle Movie
34. Swimming at the rec center
35. 4th of July
36. Chuck E Cheese
37. Faith in God
38. Make Monsters
40. Potty train Lyla--Wish Me Luck!!
41. Staycation at Golden Nugget
42. Make Floam  
43. Aqua Sand
44. Coke Bombs
45. Moon Sand
46. Water Park
47. Bird Feeder
48. Hot Rocks
49. Marshmallow Shooter
50. Pom Pom Popper
51. Galaxy Slime
52. Burn Danddelions

And since I am super visual and I like a way to keep track of what we want to get done, we printed everything on paper popsicles and are hanging them on our door. We'll take them off once we do them.


April said...

That is so awesome! I remember you having a bucket list last year and I was thinking of making one this year. I love the paper popsicles. You're so creative!

April said...
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Brittany H. said...

I might have to "borrow" this! :) We haven't made a summer bucket list before and I think it would help with the summer blues!