Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stuff and Teacher Appreciation

Lyla Bug, enjoying the nice weather.

Green finger from touching Devin's pinewood derby car before it was dry...
The next day. Hanging out.

Falling asleep on the couch (she refuses to take naps, but can't make it through the day to save her life) 

Addie is still obsessed with pinecones. She just added another full grocery bag to her collection.

For teacher appreciation week I wanted to get Devin and Adalynn's teachers something each day. I sent home a questionnaire a few weeks ago to find out a few of their favorite things. I know how hard being a teacher is...I hope they know I appreciate them.
Day 1 Hand soap

Day 2
I bought them their favorite drink and candy.
Day 3
 I made these cute little prints and incorporated their favorite colors.

Day 4
Popcorn and movie tickets. Both teachers said going to the movies was a favorite thing to do.
Day 5
The last day I had the kids write them a thank you note. I saved every note and card from my students and parents when I was teaching...they meant a lot.

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