Sunday, May 18, 2014


Last week we took the kids to Disneyland/CA Adventure. 

We left on Saturday and went to the beach for a few hours. Super fun and relaxing and a perfect day to go to the beach.

The first day we started at Disneyland. Jared's brother Josh lives close and came with us. It was so fun having him there. Having an extra set of hands was awesome. It really made waiting in lines more fun because we just visited and the kids were way more entertained having him there.
(I ordered the Disneyland Photo Pass/PhotoCD...some of these pictures are from that cd. I liked it because anytime you saw a Disneyland photographer they scanned your card, took your picture and all of the pictures are sent to you on a cd after your visit. It includes extra photos of characters and places around the park).

Met Donald first

First ride...

Lyla really liked The Jungle Cruise. We took her on The Haunted Mansion next and she hated it. Poor girl!

Waiting while they went on Splash Mountain.  

Addie was not a fan of Splash Mountain!

 Disneyland was pretty busy, so we decided to go to California Adventure. Lyla took a quick nap.

Got to meet Woody.
 Toy Story Mania

Took a break to get dinner at Red Robin.

We went back to ride more rides and sorta watch the fireworks. By the end of the night, Addie was out!
 DAY 2

We spent day 2 at CA adventure. I took the kids to bugs land while Jared got fast passes for the new cars ride.  

The girls and I had lunch at Ariel's Grotto. It was so fun and the highlight of the day. The girls first met Ariel. Then they seated us. The food was great! The princesses were so nice and sweet and each time a new one walked out the girl's faces just lit up. Adalynn had a little autograph book and was all about getting their signatures. I wish Jared had been there to see how excited they were.

Aurora was a little snooty...she was so, so grossed out that there was butter on the pen.

Later we explored cars land and went on all the rides. The radiator springs ride was FUN!

Hanging out in line

The Pixar parade.  

Oh man. Today was was so crowded and three rides we were in line for broke down. I didn't mention this earlier but there were also many rides shut down for renovations...Indianan Jones, Pirates of the Carribean, Nemo, one of the rides in Toon Town and It's a Small World were all closed. Not cool Disney! Anyways, we did what we could, but by about 3:00 our feet were killing us and we left.

The girls and I met the princesses while Jared took Devin on some rides. I was hoping we would meet Belle or Rapunzel or really anyone that we hadn't already met. But these princesses were cute and took a little bit of extra time with the girls.

Ariel was cracking me up. She must have just drank her body weight in caffeine because she was talking super fast and non-stop.
 Aurora asked Lyla and Adalynn what their favorite thing to do was. Lyla jumped up and said "Go potty!" Aurora and the photographer just started cracking up. It was funny.
We discovered they had a petting zoo. Lyla and Addie loved it.
 Day 4
Josh came today and we spent the day at CA adventure. It was crowded, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. We went on just about every ride at least once.  

 The very last thing we did was get the kids a souvenir and try on some Mickey ears.

We had a lot of fun! I'm glad we were able to take the kids and create some memories.

A few things I don't want to forget...
*When Pluto walked right over to Addie, picked her up and started walking off with her. She was giggling and just thought it was so funny.
*When the girls met the princesses.
*Hanging out with Josh
*World of Color (seriously amazing)
*Trying a dole whip
*Ariels Grotto



Brittany H. said...

1. The Splash Mountain pic is priceless.
2. I love all the character photos.
3. Addie has about two poses, so it's funny to scroll down and see her look the same just with a different background!

Josy said...

It looks like a lot of fun can't wait to take Tyler. Super nice of josh to come along and help out too seems like the kids really enjoy having him around. Lyla seems so happy with the princesses it's super cute!!

April said...

What a fabulous trip! It looks great.