Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Karrah came down for a quick visit the weekend before our spring break. She had work on Monday so she came down a few days early. I felt like all I did was run errands on Saturday...Karrah was a good sport and hung out with me.
 Jared got free tickets to this show at Planet Hollywood. We picked Devin up from a birthday party and went. I thought the kids would love it. Devin and Addie liked it, but only the parts with the animals. I guess this guy finds stray cats and dogs and adopts then trains them. It was entertaining.
Karrah and I made cake pops Sunday. Every time I make them I think, "these things are way too much work!" But they are cute and yummy. I saved the best ones for his pictures (because believe me there were some crazy looking ones).

 Wednesday Karrah met us at the pool and got us in. She was staying at Ballys but had pool access to Paris. It was a bit chilly but the pool was heated. It was fun.

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