Thursday, April 10, 2014

End of March

A few of the things we have been up to...
Lyla loves being outside.

Amelia came over to play. Here they are making an Easter egg craft.

They look so good up in the window
They are really fun to make. I even made one.
A few weekends ago, we went to Caroline's birthday party. It was a Minnie Mouse theme, which Lyla loved. They had a bounce house, cotton candy, and CafĂ© Rio for lunch (Yum!).   

Our neighbors, Ty and Angie, arranged to show Frozen in front of their house. Quite a few people showed was fun. Now I really want a big inflatable screen and projector.

 Cub Scout Day Camp
Day camp was three days. Devin loved every minute. He came home just as excited as can be and told me all about everything they did. I helped on Friday, and I was only supposed to stay two hours, but I was enjoying it so much I stayed all four.

Messy Girl 

A little box of sunshine we put together for my mom. 


Brittany H. said...

That neighborhood movie looks SO SO fun! And Dash is so excited to join cub scouts

Josy said...

Oh Lyla sassy and cute, she looks so much bigger than last time I saw her..
Those giants screens look awesome I can just imagine the reaction from the kids.. Great idea!