Friday, March 21, 2014

Losing a tooth and Pack Meeting

Had to document that Adalynn lost her first tooth. Her face was really dirty, so Jared wiped it off, and she kinda started crying. She was like, "That hurt." I looked over and there was a bunch of blood coming from her mouth. We looked in her mouth and her tooth was gone. We looked all over but couldn't find it, so I'm pretty sure she swallowed it. She wrote the tooth fairy a nice note explaining the situation because she was worried she wouldn't come, what with no tooth and all.  

Devin's first blue and gold was in February. It was  cake/cupcake auction. I made cupcakes.
Devin participate in his first flag ceremony. It was sure cute. And he earned a few belt loops. Man, he is loving scouts! He has some pretty awesome leaders too!

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Josy said...

Oh my Addies tiny little teeth are adorable.
Cant wait for Tyler to join scouts looks like so much fun!!!