Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St Patricks Day

Just a few pictures from St. Patrick's Day.
The kids set a Leprechaun trap Sunday night. It didn't work, the Leprechaun got away, but he left a little gift for the kids in their trap. He also ate part of the apple and left little green footprints. 
I made rainbow pancakes. for breakfast 

Addie and I make mini rainbow cupcakes when she got home from school.
I took these when Devin was gone so I don't have any of him (he never seems to be around when I am taking holiday pictures. I kinda feel bad about that).

I made a green dinner...green wraps with green applesauce, green juice, and rainbow kabobs. Nothing fancy, but the kids enjoyed it and were impressed.

Style With a Cause

At the end of February, Jared's brother Josh showed a collection at an event here in Vegas. Jared's sisters, Brandon, and Sam came down. It was pretty fun getting dressed up and hanging out with our family for the evening! Josh made Michelle and Andrea's dresses...they turned out great!

 Amy came too!
A jacket he made to be auctioned off.
The next day we went shopping and out to lunch. Casanova came over for dinner (he was another former project runway contestant that showed a collection). Fun, fun weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Losing a tooth and Pack Meeting

Had to document that Adalynn lost her first tooth. Her face was really dirty, so Jared wiped it off, and she kinda started crying. She was like, "That hurt." I looked over and there was a bunch of blood coming from her mouth. We looked in her mouth and her tooth was gone. We looked all over but couldn't find it, so I'm pretty sure she swallowed it. She wrote the tooth fairy a nice note explaining the situation because she was worried she wouldn't come, what with no tooth and all.  

Devin's first blue and gold was in February. It was  cake/cupcake auction. I made cupcakes.
Devin participate in his first flag ceremony. It was sure cute. And he earned a few belt loops. Man, he is loving scouts! He has some pretty awesome leaders too!