Wednesday, February 12, 2014 far

I love seeing cute little things like this all over my house. I think I will really miss it when the girls are older.
I love sleeping children. They are at least 10 times cuter this way.
Jared took Adalynn to the school's Valentines Dance. She was so excited. I would have taken Devin and made it a double date, but Devin did not want to go. He told me he thought dancing with his mom was weird.
I had a session at the park so the kids played while I took baptism pictures of my friend's son.

Today Adalynn was invited to 3 birthday parties. She only made it to two of them. First Courtney invited her to lunch and to Build a Bear. Then a girl in her class had a party at Flip-N-Out. She was pretty excited.

This was after Flip-N-Out with their new bears. Adalynn has taken her monkey with her everywhere...she loves it and thought the whole experience was so fun. I have actually never bought anything from Build-a-Bear, but I think I might take Lyla there for her birthday.

Right before church.

Adalynn and Devin started piano lessons this month. They seem to be enjoying them so far.

Bingo for FHE
Devin and I were stacking these hearts to test it out for FHE. It was actually pretty hard to stack..this was the highest we got.


Michelle said...

I've never seen Jared with glasses. They look good. I love that the kids are starting piano. Can't wait to hear them play something.

rachel said...

How cute are all of these pics! I can't even get the boys ready for church before church much less take pics. You rock!