Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas 2013

We spend a week in AZ for Christmas. We left Friday as soon as Devin came home from school.
This was the first day we were there and was the only snow we got that week. Every year I hope for a white Christmas--didn't get one, but this was better than nothing.
Devin and Steph having a hula hoop contest in the snow. They are both really good (I, on the other hand, can't do it to save my life!) Steph is wearing a dress my mom wore to her prom.
Em and Addie
Heading to town
@ DQ. We had a hard time getting Lyla to eat lunch because all she wanted was ice cream!

Addie had a little crush on Uncle Jake. It was cute!
Christmas Eve we went to the nursing home to visit my Grandpa and visit and sing to other patients. We did this last year, and I'm glad my dad arranged for us to do it again.

Devin made a bunch of pictures of Christmas trees to hand out.
Visiting my Grandpa. He is really into workworking and a while ago he cut his hand on his saw. It was pretty bad. He has been in the care center receiving physical therapy. I just heard he is home now, so he is doing really well.
Getting lunch after the nursing home.
After lunch, we took the kids to see Frozen. I didn't think I would like it, but I really did. Great music and story!
After Christmas Eve dinner, we made gingerbread houses.  

My parents new puppy was dropped off! My kids fell in love with this dog, Adalynn especially. It actually kinda upstaged Christmas. I think Christmas morning I asked Addie if she wanted to see what Santa brought her and she told me, "No. I just want to hold the puppy." My parents asked if we wanted it, and Jared even okayed it (which is crazy! Jared is NOT a dog person). We decided to wait...getting a dog is a big decision. We have been looking since we got home, but I am being picky about what we get.

Opening one present Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning, heading in to see what Santa brought them.

James bought Devin his first bb gun.
My nephew, Tyler, is one of the happiest kids I have ever seen. See that smile on his face? That is pretty much how he looks ALL THE TIME.
Lyla wearing the dress and jammies Karrah made her. (She loves to dress herself, and all the time wears dresses or shirts as pants).  
Shooting his new gun.

Jen and Jake were with Jake's family Christmas morning, but joined us later that day. They made us scratch cards to reveal their babies gender. I predicted it was a boy and I was right. So excited to meet him in May! 

Devin was also thrilled it is a boy!
At the park with the kids.

Oh man! I should have just stolen this little puppy. She is adorable!

Saturday we headed to Glendale for a family party. But before we left we went to visit Gramps one more time.

Orange trees at my aunt's house.  

Tyler being all cute and photogenic.

So, right after we arrived, I was getting food for all the kids. My aunt has this parrot and Lyla stuck her finger in the cage and it bit her. I looked over and Karrah was holding Lyla and heading for the sink and Lyla had blood dripping from her hand. We rinsed it off and I knew right away it was going to need stitches. I debated about taking her to a quick care, but my dad told me he could stitch her up when we got home. Thankfully, she calmed down and it stopped bleeding, so we stayed at the party a few more hours. My dad and Karrah are awesome. He stitched her up while I let her watch movies on my phone and Karrah held her hand. After, dad took her to DQ for an ice cream cone. She kept saying "bad birdie."
This was a week later right before I took the stitches out.
Addie and my cousin's son, Jake.
They brought home quite a few bags of oranges. That night Emery made oj with Devin and Addie.
There were so many other things that I don't have pictures of. We met Emery's family and they were awesome! Jared flew home the day after Christmas so we visited Grammy, Deb, and Lee. It was nice seeing Grammy and chatting with Deb. The kids went on many 4-wheeler rides and hikes. Lyla and I visited the goats, chickens and playground every day. I had a wonderful time.
And that was our Christmas!


Michelle said...

Great pictures. I'm shocked to have seen Jared holding the puppy. Maybe you will own a dog yet.

April said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time. What part of Arizona is that? It's beautiful!