Tuesday, January 28, 2014


A few pictures from dance.
(from way back in November)
Last night was Mulan and it was one of the cutest ones yet. All I had was my phone, so the picture is crummy.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Dance "Recital"

I was going through and backing up pictures the other day and realized I forgot to blog about a few things. Adalynn's dance class had a "recital" in December. It was not really a recital...they practiced one dance routine and let the parents in to watch a class and their dance.

Cub Scouts

Now that Devin is 8, he is in cub scouts. He is so excited about it! I was in cub scouts for a few years for my calling and I really grew to love scouting and the values it teaches.
I was sad that I missed his first pack meeting, especially since he earned his bobcat! But it was the same night as Disney on Ice. Jared took a few pictures for me. They had to eat a pie (cool whip) to get to their award.

Lyla and Addie

Don't you hate it when all of the sudden, your kid seems a lot older? This just happened with Lyla. I feel like last week she was my baby and this week she is a little girl. She has always been independent but lately she is so much more. She tells us "No. I do it" whenever we try to help her with anything. She is a little chatterbox and talks to me all day long. She is starting to say things that really cracks us up.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valley of Fire

Saturday, Jared and I took the kids to Valley of Fire. Jared had been before with his scouts, but this was a first for the rest of us. It was such a nice day...perfect for hiking.
We went on one hike. It was one mile round trip and I think it took us about 2 hours because the kids kept stopping to climb on rocks and play in the dirt. They had fun, for sure.

Can you see Devin in the next one? He would just take off and start climbing.  

Our last stop was to see the elephant rock.

It was a fun day. 

Last week

The kids have been enjoying the trampoline. Unlike the rest of the country, we are experiencing near perfect weather so we are enjoying it while it lasts.

Playing Princess Candy land with Adalynn.

Jared bought Adalynn and I Disney on Ice tickets lasts month and we went last Thursday. We went to dinner to Cheesecake Factory first. It was fun being able to spend some one-on-one time with her. We both really enjoyed the show.

Hanging with my other favorite girl.