Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dance, Cookies, Sight Words

Thanks for everyone opinion on the photos. I went with all your advice and ordered my favorite three.
We have been in busy mode since school started. This past couple weeks I have also had two newborn sessions and a family session, so that has been keeping me extra busy. I wish I had more time to post some of the newborn photos I took because they were so cute! On top of school we are still doing dance, and now Devin has started baseball.
A few dance photos...
Fall Fairies
Little Red Riding Hood
Helping make cookies.

Ready for school
Playing outside
Learning sight words
Adalynn is home by 10:30 and it takes her about 2 minutes to finish her homework, so I have been finding ways to teach her the sight words. She started a word wall in our kitchen and we add to it every day. Her favorite is the glitter words. Thanks for the pocket chart Sam!
Is anyone else super excited for Fall and Halloween! I am!

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Okay, I need everyone's opinion. I am getting a picture of each kid printed and I can't decide! they are going in the hall right next to each other and I am printing them really big. My three favorites are #1, but the background in Devin's picture is so much darker and kinda distracts. But it is my favorite picture of him--his smile is very natural

#2 is my second choice, but Devin's hand kinda bugs me. I think the light background looks a little better with the lighter background in the girl's pictures.
And #3 I like, but again, Devin is slouching and that is annoying me too. Also his smile isn't as nice as the first.
Should I just go with #1 since those are my favorite three of all the pictures? Or #2 or #3 which might look better as a group on the wall?
Everyone chime in! Thanks guys!

Friday, September 13, 2013


One of Jared's former coworkers and good friends, Karen, invited us to her destination wedding about a year ago (to Carmel, CA). At first, I thought we probably wouldn't go, but then I realized it would be a lot of fun and we made it happen. Brian and Tashina, our amazing friends, told us they would watch the kids. We left Friday night and Saturday we spent the day in Monterey before the wedding. We walked around a lot and ate some really great food right by the ocean.

Before the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour. I cant remember all the food they served, but it was all delish!

They were married right at the edge of these cliffs with the most spectacular view. The whole thing was breathtaking, even though it was cold and foggy.

If you want to see some of the pictures their photographer took, here is the link--you really should peek at them. They had an amazing photographer. I wish I had her skills!
After the ceremony, we had dinner in Carmel. Um, dinner was amazing!
The next day our flight left later, so we drove around Carmel. We did the 17 mile drive--they say it is one of the most scenic drives in the world...right through pebble was really pretty. The houses on that drive are unbelievable...Oh, to be super, duper rich. After that, we had lunch and drove back to San Jose where we caught our flight and got back home to the kids.  


The other day Adalynn was at her friend's house and her mom called to tell me Adalynn had an accident. We aren't really sure how it happened, but she hit her chin on something and split it open. All she could tell me was "we were dancing like princesses." Amy swung by to pick up Devin and Lyla and I took Addie to quick care. Why do they all it "quick" care??! It was anything but quick. Anyways, she had a pretty deep cut...two stitches inside and 5 outer. She freaked out when they were giving her the shot but other than that, she was a trooper. I felt so bad...I took her to Target to get a toy and then McDonalds to get dinner when we were done. We got them out today--it looks good, and it is under her chin slightly so even if there is a scar, you wont see it much.
Courtney was so sweet and wanted to get her flowers. Adalynn loves them.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

July Photo Shoot

Here are the photos we had taken when we were in Utah this summer.

She got a lot of great ones of Adalynn.

Lyla was a stinker, but there are a lot of ones I like of her too.

One of all three...these kids drive me crazy, but I love them more than anything!