Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last Week

Adalynn and I decorated for Thanksgiving. I'm obviously obsessed with banners.  
We used some of the crafts the girls made last year.
We also made edible acorns. Addie is such a good helper.
Saturday we went to Gilcrease Orchard. I have a friend that wants family pictures there, so I went to scope it out. They have these apple cider doughnuts (with cinnamon cream cheese frosting) that were so good!
Monday was Veteran's Day. We went to this cute shopping center so I could take pictures of Amy's kids. We found this fun bush--not sure what they are, but the kids picked a bunch and threw them at each other.
 After photos, Adalynn had dance. Today was 101 Dalmatians.
That night we had FHE. We talked a bit about baptism---I pulled out my old baptism book and showed them pictures of me on my baptism day. Then we switched gears to talk about Thanksgiving. I've done a thankful tree the past two years, so the kids knew what to do. I didn't make nearly enough leaves.

Tuesday I took Lyla to the Giggle Box, an indoor play area. She loved it! Sadly, Lyla and I don't get much fun time together. It seems like when the other two are at school, I am running errands or cleaning the house. It felt good doing something special with just her.

This tree in my backyard is my favorite.

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