Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Diary of a Wimpky Kid

Our friend Brian invited us to an event he was in charge of. Author Jeff Kinney would be releasing his new book, Hard Luck, here in Vegas. Devin loves his books. He ended up buying quite a few of them with his own money last year. Devin struggles in reading and does not enjoy it, but will sit and read them for hours (with my help of course). So, I too love Jeff Kinney. Anyone that can get Devin to read is my hero. It was exciting being able to meet him in person.
Brian gave us the VIP treatment. He reserved us seats in the front row. And after we got to take pictures of him by his bus. He was so nice. He took a little time with each kid, asking them questions and signing their posters. I wish I had brought Devin's books but our e-mail said he would not be signing. I guess last minute he decided to, which was nice of him. He answered questions and talked a bit about writing the book. It was all very interesting.


Samantha Christensen said...

Such a cool experience for Devin.

April said...

That is so awesome! Eva loves that book series and has all of them. What a neat experience!

Brittany H. said...

SO SO cool!!! Dash loves those books!