Tuesday, October 29, 2013


A summary of the past couple weeks.

Lyla went to her first birthday party. It was for Irelynd, a girl in our ward, and her party was amazing. It was at a little farm right in the middle of the city. They had a petting zoo and pony rides. All the kids got cowboy hats and bandanas and as they left they got to fill up their baggies with candy. Lyla loved it. Not the best pictures, but here are a few from the party.

 It was so cute, I took the girls that next Tuesday for the petting zoo and pony rides.

A few weekends ago, we attended our community Harvest Festival. We go every year...they had free pumpkins, cotton candy, funnel cakes, games and a few blow up toys/rides. This year they had a zip line and Devin really wanted to go. That kid has no fear. He waited in line over an hour to do it...there were a lot of kids that chickened out (and a few adults), but he was fine. I took some pictures with my point and shoot and they all were deleted accidently. I've not had much luck this month with cameras and pictures!
Speaking of cameras, still no word on my camera. I decided to just go ahead and buy a new one. There were too many things coming up that I could not miss. This new camera is pretty awesome. It is so fast. I'm just getting used to the slight differences.
The kids had no school last Thursday and Friday. I took them to the Clark County Heritage Museum on Thursday.

A couple of Friday's ago we had playgroup at our house. I didn't have my camera, but we did a lot of the same things I have done in the past. A few pictures of what we ate. We also made slime and played Halloween Bingo.

Friday Addie went to dance. It was a Halloween theme.
That night was our ward trunk-or-treat. It was Harry Potter theme (the 2nd counselor is a huge Harry Potter fan--He is the one dressed as Hagrid). It was so cool. I loved all the details.
 A few pictures of the kids before we left.

The girls 

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Andrea said...

We know for a fact that Indiana Jones hates snakes...Im not sure he would hold a real snake...This man might be an impostor! haha Love you all. Cant wait to see you all in a few weeks!