Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

We cared pumpkins for FHE this week.
You guys! This was the first year Devin was not super grossed out and gagging.
Just to remind you...this has been our past 4 years.
And Monday night, he overcame his fear, or whatever it was, and pulled those guts out, no problemo. It is weird that it made me kinda sad it didn't bother him anymore?
Addie enjoyed it. She knew exactly what she wanted--a pumpkin with glasses and funny teeth.
Lyla had a good time too. At first she looked a little weirded out, but by the end she was grabbing handfuls and getting it everywhere.

How is it possible that he is almost 8?!
The finished pumpkins.


Sam said...

I'm sad! I look forward to seeing Devin's grossed out pumpkin carving face.

Michelle said...

I laughed so hard. Glad you added the pictures from years past. When we were carving pumpkins this year I was telling Parker about how Devin gets grossed out. Parker hates cleaning them out too.

April said...

Devin's face is hilarious in those pictures. I'm glad he out grew that though, LOL.

Josy said...

It always makes me laugh to see devin gagging so bad when you guys do the pumpkins every year. Too funny! :)) maybe he has grown out of it and won't gag anymore