Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our weekend

We had a few fun things go on this weekend. Saturday morning Devin had his first baseball game. He is on a new team, the Dodgers, and it is a bit more competitive. He did pretty well.

After his baseball game, we went to Mt Charleston for a picnic. It was fun seeing the changing leaves (doesn't even compare to Provo Canyon, but we will take what we can get). Unfortunately, a lot of the hikes, including the one we wanted to go on, were closed. We found a meadow and let the kids play around in that. 

This was on the drive home. They held hands like this for a while.
Later that night we took the training wheels off Addie's bike. I thought we were going to have to really work with her, like we did with Devin. I also thought there was going to be a lot of crashes and scrapped limbs. Nope. She took off like a pro. It was pretty cool. Later that night, Devin, Ian, Adalynn and I went on a three mile bike ride and she did awesome. It was fun.

Sunday we watched conference and I made caramel apples.

That night we went on another bike ride to the park and the kids played. I love this time of year!  The evenings are perfect!

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April said...

I love Mt. Charleston! Those caramel apples look sooooo good.