Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Camera

Oh man. My camera was dropped last weekend and at first I thought it was okay. Nope. Started acting weird Monday. I cried a lot. Seems silly, I know.
I took it in today and they can't repair it here in town so they are sending it to Nikon to be fixed. I am crossing my fingers that is something small and not too expensive to fix.
It will probably take three weeks. I am sad that there are so many things happening this month that I know I am not going to get pictures of. But as long as I have it before the real important things coming up (Thanksgiving, Devin's Baptism, Christmas) I will be happy.


April said...

I'm so sorry! I completely understand. I would be crying too! I hope you get it back quickly.

Michelle said...

I'd cry too. Hope they can fix it Val.

Sam said...

I'd cry too. My camera is starting to have issue. Sometimes the corner of my pictures have a dark black spot and I don't know why. I'm frustrated but since it's not a nice camera like yours I'm gonna just deal with it and hope that the dark spot doesn't ruin any good pictures.

Maybe you now is the time to finally buy a small point and shoot?

Josy said...

oh no!! Just take pictures with your phone so you don't miss out on anything!! =)
I would definitely cry too don't feel bad!