Friday, September 13, 2013


The other day Adalynn was at her friend's house and her mom called to tell me Adalynn had an accident. We aren't really sure how it happened, but she hit her chin on something and split it open. All she could tell me was "we were dancing like princesses." Amy swung by to pick up Devin and Lyla and I took Addie to quick care. Why do they all it "quick" care??! It was anything but quick. Anyways, she had a pretty deep cut...two stitches inside and 5 outer. She freaked out when they were giving her the shot but other than that, she was a trooper. I felt so bad...I took her to Target to get a toy and then McDonalds to get dinner when we were done. We got them out today--it looks good, and it is under her chin slightly so even if there is a scar, you wont see it much.
Courtney was so sweet and wanted to get her flowers. Adalynn loves them.


Josy said...

Wow it seems like it was a pretty big cut!! Poor girl. Yea usually the quick care or urgent cares are not fast at all.. and most of the time they cant do everything so they send people to the hospital anyways... so people end up with 2 bills =(

April said...

:( It was so sweet of Courtney to give her flowers!