Thursday, September 19, 2013


Okay, I need everyone's opinion. I am getting a picture of each kid printed and I can't decide! they are going in the hall right next to each other and I am printing them really big. My three favorites are #1, but the background in Devin's picture is so much darker and kinda distracts. But it is my favorite picture of him--his smile is very natural

#2 is my second choice, but Devin's hand kinda bugs me. I think the light background looks a little better with the lighter background in the girl's pictures.
And #3 I like, but again, Devin is slouching and that is annoying me too. Also his smile isn't as nice as the first.
Should I just go with #1 since those are my favorite three of all the pictures? Or #2 or #3 which might look better as a group on the wall?
Everyone chime in! Thanks guys!


April said...

I would go with #1 and put Devon's picture in the middle of Adalynn's and Lyla's on the wall so that the darker background won't stand out so much. It makes sense that the girls would have a lighter, more feminine background and Devon have a darker one since he's a boy.

Brandalyn said...

I was going to say the same thing. Go with #1 and put Devin in the middle!

TheLipp said...

#1 - devin in the middle makes sense

Josy said...

I think #1 is the best!! They all look great. Devin looks the best on the first one too!
I want to print some pics too and get them enlarged but it is so hard to pick!!
I'm dying to see the ones u took of Tyler ;))

Michelle said...

I have to agree. I love the first picture of Devin so much more than the others. I say you should go with the first grouping.

Wilkerson Weekly said...

I agree with #1 and put Devin's picture in the middle. You have 3 big cuties!!!

Samantha Christensen said...

#1 and just put Devin's picture in the middle.