Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dance, Cookies, Sight Words

Thanks for everyone opinion on the photos. I went with all your advice and ordered my favorite three.
We have been in busy mode since school started. This past couple weeks I have also had two newborn sessions and a family session, so that has been keeping me extra busy. I wish I had more time to post some of the newborn photos I took because they were so cute! On top of school we are still doing dance, and now Devin has started baseball.
A few dance photos...
Fall Fairies
Little Red Riding Hood
Helping make cookies.

Ready for school
Playing outside
Learning sight words
Adalynn is home by 10:30 and it takes her about 2 minutes to finish her homework, so I have been finding ways to teach her the sight words. She started a word wall in our kitchen and we add to it every day. Her favorite is the glitter words. Thanks for the pocket chart Sam!
Is anyone else super excited for Fall and Halloween! I am!


Michelle said...

I am so excited for Fall and the best part is the kids each know what they want to be for Halloween. Let's hope they don't change their minds. I didn't realize Adalynn gets home so early. She must start super early. Parker starts at 8:15 and is done at 11:00.

Samantha Christensen said...

Adalynn looks so much older in that picture of her with her backpack. She's turning into a very gorgeous girl! You have to keep the boys away from her in a few years.

Samantha Christensen said...

The header at the top of your blog is so cool! I've never seen one before that rotates threw pictures like that.

April said...

We are dealing with sight words too. At first Amelia would just get frustrated. Then I started giving her one chocolate chip for every word she gets right and suddenly it's her favorite homework!

Love all the ballet pictures. They are so cute at this age.