Monday, August 19, 2013

St George

Jared had another deposition in St George, and this one was really short, so we went again. While he was in the deposition, I tried to find a fun little hike/stream I had heard about, but we never found it, so I took the kids to a park for a few hours then did a little shopping at the outlet mall. Then we picked up Jared. Devin told us he really wanted to go to the temple, so we did that first.

We went back to the rec center to swim and weas there for a few hours. Then we went to Pioneer Park for a bit--it was really hot, so didn't stay as long as last time.

We got a treat at Nielson's (so good!) then headed home. Another really fun day.

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Sam said...

Looks fun! We should meet up in St. George for a weekend sometime.