Wednesday, August 7, 2013

St George

A few years ago I realized I was running out of storage from blogger. So I started uploaded my photos to photobucket, then uploaded to my blog from there (which did not use up the blogger storage). Now, I am out of photobucket storage (I already have three accounts). So I either have to pay for more storage (yuck) or figure out a new way to post pictures. I tried using flickr, but I can't find the photos url anywhere. If anyone uses flickr to post photos on their blog, you must let me know how. This is why I no longer post on my photo blog and why I am posting smaller pictures here.


Jared had a deposition in St George a few weeks ago and I thought it would be fun to make it a day trip. I almost didn't go, however, because the kids have been fighting so much lately, and a whole day with them in St,. George sounded miserable. I'm so glad we did. It was one of the best days I've had in a while.
We went to the temple first. It was hot. We only stayed a few minutes.

My friend told me about a really fun rec center, so we went there next. The kids loved it. We were there at least four hours and they still weren't ready to go. I love that the water was warm, and the pools were covered so we didn't have the sun beating down on us all day...

The splash Pad was outside. Lyla Loved it. She never likes the splash pads here in Vegas because the water is so cold. This water was perfect.

After the rec center, we picked up Jared. The whole reason we were here was so he could depose a few people. His client was being sued by some lady who rode this carousel and a tile fell off and hit her in the head. We took the kids to the carousel and let them ride. No one was hit in the head by a ceiling tile.

After dinner at the Pizza Factory, we took the kids to Pioneer Park. We went a few years ago with Jared's family for picures. (We walked around forever looking for the same place we had pictures, but never found it).
(Lyla didn't want any part of the picture)
To say the kids loved it here is a huge understatement. They had so much fun running around and exploring. It actually made Jared really nervous.  Adalynn was being very adventurous and trying to get right up to the edge of every cliff and drop off.

D for Devin
I really love this picture!

Devin told us at least 50 times, "thank you for taking us here, mom and dad." They all had such a great day, and we did too. 


April said...

Wow, what a nice rec center. Covered pools are great!

I have to laugh that a lady is suing because a ceiling tile fell on her head! It's amazing these things even make it to court.

Michelle said...

What a fun little trip. I love all the pictures you took at the pioneer park. Especially the one with your three kids sitting together. So cute

Brittany H. said...

Aw, fun family trip! I love Lyla's swimsuit. Isn't it great when things exceed your expectations?