Friday, August 23, 2013


Last weekend we went camping with our friends, the Howards. It was the perfect escape from the heat and one last hurrah before school starts. We camped at Duck Creek, about 30 miles East of Cedar City, by Bryce Canyon.
We couldn't leave until later Friday, so Jared and Amy (Yeah, Amy's husband's name is also Jared. The kids call him Crazy Jared) were awesome and had everything set up for us once we arrived.

Adalynn and Courtney had so much fun together!  

Saturday morning we drove around and found a hike. It was short and easy. And the views were amazing.

After hiking we went to Navajo Lake. The kids got in the water for a bit.

After lunch, we took the kids fishing to a different lake.
Lyla was being a beast (sadly, she was pretty rotten all weekend, crying about every little thing), so I walked a ways and sat down here and she just fell asleep in my arms. It was so peaceful and beautiful.
About 10 minutes after Lyla fell asleep it started to rain...A LOT! And hail! We all started running back to the car (which was a bit of a walk) and by the time we got there we were all soaked and so dirty. The girls (Courtney and Addie) were freaking out and crying. And cold. But once we got back to our campsite, into dry clothes with some hot chocolate, everyone was happy again. Adalynn told us, "Today was not good. We got rained on, and we didn't even catch a fish!"

Sunday morning we packed up and decided to drive to Cedar Breaks before heading home.

It was such a fun weekend. We aren't big campers. But the kids and I loved it, I especially loved being in nature and being in 70 degree weather (versus the 108 it has been here this week). Also if you want to go camping, you really ought to go with Crazy Jared. He is our scout master, so he has it all figured out. Plus, he is one of the best cooks! We ate so well--breakfast, lunch, and dinner were like gourmet meals, not what you would expect from camping food. I'm telling you, he made us one of the best steaks I've ever had (with sautéed peppers, onion, and garlic). So we really lucked out going with them. Plus, it was just fun going with friends. I think this will have to be something we do at least once a year.

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