Monday, August 12, 2013

Arizona Part 2

Monday we went to the Lake. This is always the highlight of the trip for me. It brings back a lot of memories of when we used to go when I was a kid. The kids love matter how long we stay, Devin is always so upset to leave.

James and Karrah.

Look at my dad still rocking it.
 Addie, a little sun burned around the eyes, picking berries after a long day at the lake.

Wednesday we went to Sun Splash. I had a lot of help--Dad, James, Karrah, Steph, Emily, and Matthew were all there to take Devin on rides. That place is too fun. And not nearly as expensive as our water park here.
Thursday we really just hung out. We got to meet some of Karrah's family and had dinner with them. It was overcast today, so I took lots of pictures of the girls.

Making big bubbles...
Right before we left to pick up Jared from the airport

Devin was obsessed with the 4-wheelers this trip. I let him drive himself (I was on with him of course) and he loved it. Steph, Emily and my cousin Matthew were nice and took him on so many rides, I lost count.

Stephanie's fiancé Emery flew in unexpectedly. The kids met him a few years ago, but didn't remember him much. They all love him and really bonded with him fast. He is so good with them and I really enjoyed getting to know him better.

Next up, I will blog about the wedding!

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Sam said...

Looks fun like always! So many great pictures.