Monday, July 15, 2013


Here are my pictures from our trip to Utah. It has been the highlight of our summer thus far. We left Tuesday and stayed until Sunday.
The kids played and played and played. They loved being outside with their cousins. They loved Michelle and Justin's backyard!

We just saw him and looks so much older already.
We went to Scheels one day. It is one ginormous sporting goods store with a Ferris wheel.
Addie was freaked out by the Ferris wheel at first, but by the time she made it around once, she was okay.

Haha. Sean.

More hanging out in the backyard.

Uncle Justin is so fun!

The next day was the Fourth of July.
Kinda crazy, but we bought a car!! Jared's car was beyond repair and we have been wanting something bigger for a while. I was not planning on getting one while we were there, but it just happened. I love it so much. The extra room is awesome.

 We did fireworks in front of the house. It was laid back and so much fun.

 Friday, we went to Lehi to get some pictures taken and then drove down to Provo to drive around and reminisce. We also had to visit Aunt Liz.
That night Michelle and Justin planned to have smores for the kids and have a campout. It was what my kids have been really excited about for a while.
Meet my nephew Austin! Is he not just precious! I loved holding and snuggling him--he is at that awesome age where he will totally smile at you and let you hold him and fall asleep. We all love him.

Saturday was my niece Lexi's birthday so after breakfast we went to the park and then after that we went swimming.

We left Sunday. We stopped in Scipio to see the animals. It is always a nice break from driving.

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