Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Summer Stuff

I am a bit behind blogging about our summer. I was so excited to have a chill, laid back summer with nothing to do. But every day something is going on. Addie has dance Mondays, Speech Tuesday and Thursday. Devin has speech Wednesday and tutoring Thursdays. My life would be a lot easier if these kids didn't have speech problems, but I'm hoping that the extra practice over the summer will help.
Most of our days though are pretty lazy and involve a lot of swimming and watching tv.

We did the naked egg experiment. You soak an egg in vinegar and after about 2 days the shell is gone. The kids really liked it.

Right before our crazy heat wave, it was nice for one day. So we went to the park and got slurpees on the way home. 

One thing the kids wanted to do this summer was get doughnuts at Krispy Kreme.

One thing that I really enjoyed that we did the last week of June was attend a play at Spring Mountain ranch. It is out by Red Rock and it was really fun. We had a picnic with the Kendalls and the play started once it got dark. It was awesome being surrounded by the mountains and once that sun went down it felt so nice out. Oh, we saw the Music Man. I loved it. Devin and Addie didn't enjoy it that much. Devin told us repeatedly how bored he was. I think if we had taken them to a play that they were familiar with, they would have liked it more.

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