Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer So Far

So far summer has been pretty great. A few things worth mentioning...
Holy Canolies! I cannot keep enough food in the house. Devin eats like a horse. I noticed a few months ago that he was eating a lot. Well, now that he is home all day (and bored a lot of the time) I am going through food like crazy. I forsee a very expensive summer.

I make the kids do 30 minutes of school work a day. We do it when Lyla naps. I bought them each a workbook from Costco so they do a few reading pages and a few math pages. Then I usually do some multiplication with Devin and addition and subtraction with Adalynn. I also do speech with both of them for 5 minutes. Addie and I are working on getting through her Bob Books. I think it is fun--I have found quite a few games and worksheets on pinterest and now I actually have time to do them.
We have also been doing about one activity per day. Here are a few that we've done so far.
Balloon Rockets were a hit.
They liked racing them, but man, they are both sore losers. Addie won like three times in a row (which she bragged about and that made Devin cry). Then when Devin won, Addie ran into the corner and started sobbing. Sheesh!

More Balloon Fun. Vinegar in the jar and baking soda in the balloon. It really does blow the balloon up.

 Lava Lamps. Okay these were FUN. The cool thing about them is you can use them over and over as long as you don't run out of alka seltzer.

 Swim Lessons.
These two don't even need swim lessons. I realized that about a month after I signed them up. But I figured it was something we could do every day. I like the teacher because although they are swimming, she teaches to their level and is teaching them backstroke and butterfly.

Lyla isn't in the class, but the teacher lets her get into the pool. And her favorite part are the otter pops after the lesson.
Rock Painting 

Bubble Snakes
I've done these before. And every time they are so fun. It was kinda windy today so the snakes didn't get too long. At the end we added food coloring to make colored snakes. Messy, but pretty cool.

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April said...

It looks like you're having a lot of fun! Amelia is reading the "Bob Books" as well.