Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last Day of School and Summer Bucket List

Today was the last day of school...hallelujah.
The kids went to school and we just got home from a water fight with about 50 kids from our ward. The kids had a blast and now Devin is swimming with Ian and Addie and I are watching Barbie in the Pink Shoes. We normally get a Jamba Juice on the first and last day of school, but I think we may do that tomorrow.
A while ago we discussed and made a summer bucket list...although Addie calls it the Summer Fun list. We hung up all our ideas on the door and plan to take them off as do them. Here are all the things we want to do (I'm sure we will think of and add more but this is a start).

Here are the things on our list...

Go to Bass Pro Shop
Get doughnuts for breakfast
Go to a Splash Pad
Make Giant Bubbles
Get Slurpees
Go to James' Wedding in Arizona
Meet Austin!
Finish Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Go to Utah
Get pictures taken in Utah
Go to Arizona
Lyla's Birthday
Adalynn's Birthday
4th of July in Utah
Go to the library
Home Depot Build and Grow and Lowes clinics
Make smores
Go to the Lake
Go Bowling
Swim Lessons
Learn Multiplication
Finish Bob Books
Lots of Swimming
End of year water fight with friends (Done!)
The Rio Pool (I heard locals swim for free)
Star Nursery Kids gardening
Deseret Breeze Swim Park
Make Fruit Pizzas
Make Pudding Pops
Start chore charts and daily chores
Artsy Nannies
Bubble Snakes
Drive thru kid wash 
Make Lava Lamps
I'm excited to do some fun things and make some memories with my kids.  


Michelle said...

I love all your ideas. May have to borrow some.

Wilkerson Weekly said...

Such a cool idea to make and post a list. Will have to do this!

Samantha Christensen said...

We made a list but ours isn't as cute. If Lexi sees this post (while she will because she is always asking to look at your blog) then we'll have to make our list cute too. You have some great ideas. We might add some of them to our list.

April said...

I love your list! So much fun. I hope you get to do all of it.