Saturday, June 8, 2013

Last Day of School and Jamba Juice

Most of these pictures I took the last day of school.
FYI Devin bought these skates a few weeks ago with his allowance. He has been wanting them for a while. They both wear them all the time.
I just thought her handwriting here was really nice. These are all the kids in her afternoon class. She is really going to miss them.
Addie was so excited when she came home. Her teacher sent her home with pictures and books, and this shirt. They made them and on the back are all the student's handprints (with something they liked about Adalynn). Cute idea, right!?
"She always says hi to me." --Benjamin
 "Adalynn helps me catch grasshoppers." --Max 
"I like playing restaurant with her." --Chloe
"Adalynn and I write on the whiteboards together." --Ben
 "I love that Adalyn enjoys learning." --Ms. Stephanie
"Adalynn teachers me the ABC's" --Jacob
 "I like how Adalynn is always kind." --Ms. Tracy

Later that day we made our fruit pizza. The kids decorated it and gobbled it up.
Later that night

Yesterday (Friday) we went to Jamba Juice after a few hours of swimming. Which is why Devin doesn't have a shirt. And why their hair is crazy and their faces are pink (It is SO hot).


Sam said...

I've been watching your weather. Man it's hot there! I'm so glad we came before now. I couldn't handle the heat!!! Hopefully it will be a cool 85 when you come here. That would be a nice change for you.

April said...

So cute! Love Jamba Juice & fruit pizza. I haven't made it in a long, long time. Now you have me thinking.