Thursday, May 30, 2013

Christensens Rule!

I have been putting off this post, because I took so many pictures and have not had time to sort through them all. But it is time to bite the bullet. (I really should have just copied Sam's blog post about their visit... her blog post was awesome and summed up our weekend so well!)
 (Here are two other blog posts Sam did as well)
Anyways, a few weekends ago, Sean (Jared's brother) and his family came for a visit. We haven't seen them since last summer and have been talking about getting together for months. I desperately wanted to meet Eli (born in October). Thankfully, Sam is good about posting pictures and giving me updates, but I have been dying to meet him in real life. Devin, Adalynn and Lyla were so excited to see all their cousins.  
They got here Friday. The girls warmed right up to each other and started playing with all things dress up and princess. They had so much fun all weekend and got along so well. The only fighting I saw was when my kids were fighting over Eli (which happened a lot). Friday night we just hung out, ate dinner and let the kids play.
A little comparison of the babes. Eli is so, so sweet and happy. I really enjoyed holding him and smooching on him all weekend.

 Saturday we went swimming. The water was a little on the cool side, so we weren't there for too long. But we had fun!
 Sunday we walked around the temple. Sean also had a birthday so we celebrated that at night with some pie/cake.

Monday we hung out while Devin and Addie were in school and took lots of pictures in my studio (I will post my favorites soon!) Sam and I joked that it was an all day photo shoot, and I loved it. Sam and I have a lot in common...taking an insane amount of pictures is just one thing we both love!!

That night we got a sitter for the kids and went to the Rio buffet for dinner. We took Eli and he was awesome...just sat there happy and content and never made a peep. It has to be the longest buffet in the world. It just keeps going and going. The food is really good too. Although I cannot recommend the Sesame Balls! Yuck!

They left Tuesday.
Other things about our weekend.
Devin's ants came for his ant farm. They are so fascinating. You could just sit there forever and watch them work. It is cool to see them so up close. You can see them take their pincers and remove the gel and then carry it up to the surface. Sean was really into it as well. Just in case you are curious, Sean, I took a picture of it today so you could see the progress.

Sean and Sam introduced us to Duck Dynasty and we had a Season 1 marathon. Jared and I are just about done with season 2. I think it is hilarious...reminds me of my dad.
Sean and Jared bought a bag of pistachios. Lyla loved them.
Sean is a good ribbon dancer.
Speed walking looks freaky.
My kids are baby hungry. They could not get enough of Eli. Devin especially. It was sweet.

Devin told me "Eli is cuter than Lyla. He has blonde hair!"
Devin loves Sean! Sean was nice and played all sorts of games with him including Go Fish, Battleship, and Wii Dance. Their motto was "Boys rule. Girls Drool."

I had a great time and was sad to see them go. The kids were sad too, and the next day Devin decided he wanted to mail Sean a picture of a ninja turtle. We realized we had about 6 weeks until we will be in Utah, so I am already counting that down. 

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Sam said...

Sean says, "Your post are so much more interesting when they're about us."

I found that same ant farm on Walmart's website for $15 and I think we're gonna get it too. They were so fun to watch.

Also, we bought season 3 of Duck Dynasty on Amazon so you should be able to watch that one too.

We're so excited for you guys to come visit. July can't come soon enough!!!