Friday, May 10, 2013

Anderson Dairy

Last Friday was Adalynn's last field trip. It was to Anderson Dairy...I have taken the kids before, but I'm pretty sure the last time we went Addie was a baby. So, it was fun to go again. We brought Brennan along with us this time. I think Adalynn thought we were going to a farm, so I had to explain to her that this was just where they bottled the milk and made the ice cream. 
Even though we didn't go to a farm, the tour is really cute and geared towards children (they have a bunch of talking/animated animals that Lyla loved). You get to walk through the factory and see the milk and ice cream being packaged. Then they take you to the freezer and fridge. After the tour, they show you a movie about Anderson Dairy. Then everyone gets free ice cream!

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