Saturday, April 6, 2013


 Easter this year was great. A little busy, but a very nice weekend.
First a little craft we did...These are two pieces of  contact paper with tissue paper squares in between--so easy and looked so cute in our back door. Even Lyla could do this one.

Jared's dad and Kristi came to visit Friday. The kids were beyond excited! That night we hung out, ate dinner, and went on a walk to a little ice cream place by our home...We have been going on so many walks lately--the weather is perfect! 

These were Saturday morning, dying Easter eggs.

After dying eggs, Kristi and I went SHOPPING! If I haven't mentioned this before, my mother-in-law has some awesome decorating skills. I have been wanting to do our front room for a while. She helped me pick out some things and get paint. It was so much fun (when it is all done, I will show you!)
When we got home, Josh (Jared's brother) was here and we all went to a buffet for lunch. After lunch the boys went mini golfing and Kristi and I started painting. 
Later Garth and I took the kids on a walk to get a tall cool one.
That night, the kids were worn out.
The next morning was Easter. And we really slacked this year. Most years we do Easter baskets on Saturday, but we were just not ready. So we did it Sunday. 

We had breakfast...  I made resurrection rolls like last year.

A quick Easter egg hunt
Lyla started acting weird right after her bath. Turns out she was sick. I stayed at home with her while the rest of the family went to church.
Josh showing her a dog video...trying to make her happy for a picture.

I was cleaning out her car seat (she threw up on our way to church) and I looked over and found her like this. Poor little lady.
After church we hung out and made our Easter Sunday dinner. That night we went on another walk.
Monday Josh, Garth and Kristi all left. It was a nice visit. I can't wait until the next one.


Samantha Christensen said...

I cannot wait to see pictures of your living room. Better yet, I can't wait to come see your living room. And I love your girls' matching dresses! So cute.

rachel said...

I think everyone in the entire world had a stomach bug this past weekend. Seriously, my boys had it too! Happy Easter. Cute dresses. Skylanders are also the biggest deal at our house too!

Kiley said...

K, I left a comment but now it's not showing. so if you get a few comments from me I'm sorry!

Your Easter looks like it was fun, minus the sick babe :( Hope she felt better soon and that no one else got it! Can't wait to see your after pics!